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HSE Watch

HSE Watch is flexible, web-based, organization wide communication, reporting and tracking tool to ensure health and safe environment at work. It helps organizations manage compliance, full moon fortunes

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Hazard Management:

  • Identify and manage all workplace potential hazards with Correction & Preventive Actions.

Inspection and Audit Management:

  • Manager audit and inspection reports related to health, safety and environment and tracks actions taken against recommendations

Incident Management:

  • Track & record all incidents in the workplace including near miss incident for investigation & corrective actions.
  • Auto risk and severity calculation based on risk matrix
  • Auto as well as manual selection of investigation team appointing authority based on the impact severity / risk on health, safety and environment

Investigation Management:

  • Investigation team formation by appointing authority with separate marking of team leader / chairperson and team members
  • Allows performing comprehensive investigation including but not limited to, injuries, witnesses, spills, leaks, fire and explosion, equipment failure, vehicle incidents and various categories of causes of incident.
  • Allow providing corrective and preventive recommendations which can later on be converted in to action items
  • Attachments of picture and documented evidences
  • Workflow based electronic review and approval of investigation report

Near-miss Report:

  • Allows preparing near-miss report including but not limited to, unsafe acts and conditions, possible extent of potential ,factor and / or favorable coincidences that have avoided the potential damage and marking of whether or not the detail investigation is required
  • Allow providing corrective and preventive recommendations which can later on be converted in to action items
  • Attachments of picture and documented evidences
  • Workflow based electronic review and approval of near-miss report

Corrective / Preventive Action Management:

  • Assignment and tracking of corrective / preventive actions against incidents, potential hazards, inspections and audits along with their priority
  • Maker checker support through action party and verifier respectively
  • Allow attaching supporting evidences for both action party and verifier
  • Auto alert generation based on action due date
  • History view of all the comments and actions performed on a specific corrective / preventive action record
  • Attachments of picture and documented evidences at both action party and verifier level

Risk Management:

  • Define comprehensive risk rating matrix and perform risk assessment & generate risk rating

Document Repository:

  • Central electronic document repository enabling easy maintenance & retrieval


 Analysis Tool:

  • Pivot based analysis tool giving user leverage to perform analysis as per the need on incident, inspection, audit, non-conformity and corrective / preventive action information

Other Features 

  • Lookup based approach at each level of information for making the application dynamic to adopt broader spectrum of the HSE domain. Thus providing open hand to the authorized user and allow him / her to perform better analysis.
  • Inbuilt workflow based information management
  • Auto email notifications and reminders
  • Attach pictures, document and case notes
  • Complete user assistance on application usage and information maintenance through comprehensive help down to the level of individual field
  • Developed on standard and widely used platform, SharePoint and Microsoft Windows


  • Reduced Operational Risks
  • Enhanced Business Productivity
  • Real Time Information Access
  • Data Consistency across the organization
  • Enhance Organization Reputation
  • Reduced compensation claims and incident related damages through timely action and decision making
  • Helps in establishing an organization-wide Safety Culture

Making employees participate in overall work safety, thus, building a contributing culture